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Meet Your Sidekick Strategies Team

We're a diverse and passionate group of happy HubSpotting humans who are excited to learn about your vision of what can and should be possible for your business.

β€œIt’s all about the humans.”

This mantra is at the core of everything we do at Sidekick Strategies. From the services we deliver to the empowering company culture we strive to embody daily, we approach everything we do with a servant's heart and a focus on our collective humanity.

Meet the incredible humans β€” including the "FEAM” (our family team!) β€” who are the reason why Sidekick Strategies is such an inspiring, inclusive, and innovative organization. I encourage you to spend time on this page getting to know us. If you have any questions – what it’s like to work with us or what it takes to become a Sidekick yourself – let us know!

Your Frontline Sidekicks

We’re always at your service!


George B. Thomas

Founder + Chief HubSpot Helper

Jorge Fuentes Zapata

HubSpot Specialist Extraordinaire

Kelly Thomas

Project Manager + SKS Maestro

Kayle Thomas

Content + Thought Leadership Prodigy

Maddy Thomas

Social + Brand Media Virtuoso
Noah Thomas-2

Noah Thomas

Podcast + Video Production Ninja
Seth Thomas

Seth Thomas

Podcast + Video Team Visionary
Spark Photo


Official Bad-Ass Sidekick

Sidekick Strategies Sidekicks!

That’s right, even sidekicks have their own sidekicks. We’re lucky our Sidekick Strategies family includes a network of talented inbound specialists.

Liz Moorehead-1

Liz Moorehead

Content Therapist
eric J

Eric Jacobs

Visual Design Expert
Franco Valentino

Franco Valentino

SEO + RevOps Ninja

The HubHeroes Podcast

The unofficial HubSpot user podcast is an extension of the Sidekick Strategies universe. Each week, Liz and I hang out with Max Cohen of Hapily and Devyn Bellamy of HubSpot to help you soar to new inbound heights.


Max Cohen


Breaking down the physics of inbound, demystifying strategies, growing better.


Myself. I can’t stop talking about HubSpot. Send help.

Devyn Bellamy

Devyn Bellamy


Sales and training intel, RevOps, marketing strategy, kung-fu, Flywheel success.


Service, people who don’t see the value of community.


Liz Moorehead


Content that makes money, thought leaders who solve real problems, good snacks.


Bad craft beer, terrible writing, and bad humans.


George B. Thomas


Asking questions, simplifying the complex, comedic relief, activating greatness.


Annoying Douchebags, needless complexity and confusion.

George B Thomas Passionate About Community

The Story of Sidekick Strategies

When I started this company in 2022, I didn’t plan to build an agency. But the inspiring, vibrant HubSpot and inbound community showed us the work of empowering each of you to become the Hubhero we know you can be was greater than we possibly imagined.

Want to Become a Sidekick?

Even if you don’t see any current listings for open positions, we encourage you to submit your information to us. We’re always on the lookout for incredible humans who love HubSpot, inbound, and serving others.