The Sidekick Strategies Story

Hi, I’m George B. Thomas. This is the last website page I thought I'd ever create — the story of our HubSpot partner agency.


I Never Wanted to Build a HubSpot Agency

In fact, when I first launched George B. Thomas, LLC (the precursor to what you see here now) in 2022, I swore to myself the last thing I would ever create was an agency. Don’t get me wrong, I owe so much to the HubSpot partner agency community, and I treasure all of the incredible friendships, relationships, and experiences that came out of my time working at The Sales Lion, IMPACT, and Impulse Creative. 

But becoming an agency owner? Nah, that wasn’t for me. When I looked in the mirror, I always saw myself as a great “number two” guy — not a leader. Never the visionary. On top of that, building an agency didn’t seem to jive with the limited vision I had at the time of what I thought I wanted to create. Boy, was I wrong, and I am so glad I was.

“You Have No Idea, George …”

When I started this journey, I presented myself to the world as a business owner, family man, and a man of faith. The happy, helpful, humble HubSpot helper some of you may already know. The guy who just wants to help others make a positive impact in this world. All of those things are still true, by the way. 

But if I could go back in time and tell myself anything at the start of this journey, it would be this: “You have no idea who you are about to become over the next two years. You are so much more than a number two guy, and you can lead human beings. More than that, there is a chance to show the world what a HubSpot partner agency can really be.”


We Became an Agency Because of You

In spite of my limiting beliefs of what we could never become, you — the incredible business owners, marketers, sales pros, service all-stars, and yes, even other agency owners that make up the incredible HubSpot community — made me see that the work of empowering each of you to become the HubHero your organization needs is so much bigger than I imagined. 

Day after day, week after week, month after month, and now year after year … you’ve been showing up to our digital doorstep, challenging us to create something different and more human than we’ve seen in the HubSpot agency space before. This agency is as much yours as it is ours, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What a HubSpot Agency Should Be

Yes, our goal at Sidekick Strategies today is to serve our clients. To help humans like you shine and succeed in ways you never thought possible. Although, my wife loves to joke, “You don’t have clients, you have friends!” Ladies and gentlemen, she’s not wrong, and I love that about our agency culture.

But we also want to create a healthy agency space for passionate HubSpotters and inbounders to do their best work. Where you’re truly empowered with the time, tools, resources, and encouragement to be the seamless extension of our clients’ teams that we promise to be.


Sidekick Strategies Is a Family Affair!

One of the greatest gifts this whole experience has offered me is the ability to work with my family. Yes, you read that right! As the dad of this now remarkable family-driven initiative, I envisioned a business where the talents and skills of my wife and children could be nurtured and put to good use.

Today, that dream is a reality with something we affectionately call, “the FEAM,” which is a blended term we’ve created that unites “family” and “team” into one beautiful thing. But of course, the family comes before the team, which is a unique team built around my family. Read the story of The Feam.

Sidekick Strategies by the Numbers


Total HubSpot certifications captured from HubSpot Academy


FEAM and Sidekick partners who are kicking butt together


Incredible clients that we also count as friends


Years of collective inbound, HubSpot, and agency experience


Helpful videos and podcast episodes created


Unforgettable memories made and in the making


Meet the Sidekick Strategies Team

Yes, I started out as a HubSpot helper “army of one,” but I’m proud of the fact that today, Sidekick Strategies is a diverse team of talented, passionate, caring humans who are excited to learn how we can help you write the first chapter in your new inbound and HubSpot success story.