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Business Communication Based on Value, Passion, and Connection: Feat Steve Multer

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Business Communication Based on Value, Passion, and Connection

“Interactions are every bit as valuable when they're tiny and when they're grand”

Steve Multer knocked my socks off when I joined the Marketing Profs Marketing Smarts podcast.

Not literally, but you know what I mean. 😜

Communication is vital in our personal and professional lives, capable of transforming the impossible into the possible.

In this blog post, we have the privilege of diving into the world of winning communication with Steve Multer, an expert in corporate storytelling and communication.

Together, Steve and I explore the three pillars of winning communication: 

  • Value
  • Passion
  • Connection

As we embark on this enlightening conversation, we discover how these pillars can elevate our communication skills, overcome hurdles, and achieve success in our interactions.


The Essence of Authentic Communication: Embracing Humanity in Every Interaction

“What keeps me awake at night when it comes to communication?

Communication that is strictly corporate and never comes from the human being or the personal.

So many companies and the people who work for those organizations get so narrow-minded,” Steve Multer shared. 

Steve Multer's words resonate deeply with me.

As you know, I have been beating the “it’s all about the humans” drum for years!

Steve expresses concern about the pattern of strictly corporate communication that lacks the human touch.

So it’s not surprising that this lack of personal connection in communication is what keeps Steve Multer awake at night!

The Hidden Dangers of Overreliance on AI

Steve and I discussed, as humans, the fact that we tend to prioritize our own interests and ask, "What's in it for me?" However, it's crucial to shift our focus to the other person and ask, "What's in it for them?"

By approaching interactions with the intention to add value rather than extract value, we increase our chances of success.

It's remarkable how acknowledging and understanding others by saying, "I get you, I know you," and even going further to express, "I see you," holds incredible power and resonates deeply with people.

So what does this look like in a world filled with AI this and AI that?

Steve found that even as AI advances, there's one thing it can never replace: genuine human interaction. Sharing heartfelt thoughts about a subject you're not only knowledgeable in but also deeply passionate about while drawing from your personal experiences is what truly captivates others. It's that personal touch that hooks people and makes the connection meaningful.

“With humanity stripped away, there is nothing there for anyone to connect with. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever, and it was even more fun the second time around because while AI is getting better in a lot of ways, what it can't supplant is what you just said, human interaction.

Speaking from the heart about something that you are not only an expert on but also are deeply passionate about and bring your own individual experiences to when you communicate because that is what hooks other people.” Steve said

So, are you maintaining your sense of humanity, or are you letting the “HOT” AI writing tools strip away your humanity?

Exploring the Three Essential Pillars of Effective Communication

“Value, passion, connection. This is really the baseline of effective communication. It's the fundamentals and the support that makes for a phenomenal interaction.

When we talk about communication, many people either misjudge what communication is or think about it only in terms of large communication.

 Things like I'm standing on a stage delivering a keynote in front of 1,000 people or I'm speaking to a camera and have 50,000 people tuning in. It's not really about that.”

Now, let's dive deeper into these pillars of effective communication and explore the significance of each one!

At its core, effective communication relies on three pillars: value, passion, and connection. These pillars serve as the foundation for creating exceptional interactions.

Oftentimes, people misunderstand communication by associating it solely with grand scenarios, such as delivering a keynote speech to a large audience or addressing a massive online viewership like Steve mentioned above.

However, authentic communication goes beyond those contexts.

The First Pillar of Effective Communication is Value.

“Value is everything! ”Steve said

Regarding communication, the concept of value means that everything you say should benefit the person you're speaking to. 

It's important to prioritize their needs and interests over your own. If you focus more on yourself rather than the person you're communicating with, the true value of the interaction gets lost. 

So, try to make everything about the other person as much as possible.

This means considering their perspective, understanding their needs, and tailoring your communication to provide them with meaningful benefits.

Could adding value to your company be what's missing?

The Second Pillar of Effective Communication is Passion.

The second communication pillar is about passion.

If you don't genuinely show excitement and enthusiasm for what you're communicating, you expect the other person to develop that passion independently. 

But when you display energy and excitement about your topic, idea, or argument, it inspires the same passion in others. It makes them want to join you and support your cause.

Your enthusiasm is contagious and helps others get on board with your message.

The Third Pillar of Effective Communication is Connection.

“The connection part is all about humanity. 

I'm not going to speak to you like an organization or a corporation because people don't trust companies; people trust people first.” Steve said

The third pillar is all about connection.

It's about acknowledging the humanity in the person you're talking to, whether it's one individual or a large audience. 

It means understanding them, relating to their challenges, and recognizing that you share common experiences. Instead of speaking like a faceless organization or corporation, it's important to communicate as a person. 

People trust people more than they trust companies, so building that personal connection and trust is crucial in effective communication.

How Does All of This Relate To You?

Understanding and implementing the three pillars of winning communication—value, passion, and connection—can significantly impact your communication skills and interactions. 

In other words, your business success!

By prioritizing value, you can focus on benefiting the person you're speaking to and tailoring your communication to meet their needs. This can help you establish meaningful connections and ensure that the actual value of the interaction is realized. 

When it comes to showing genuine passion and enthusiasm for your topics or ideas, it's like being a hype man at a retirement home bingo night!

You know that’s going to be this guy in about 15 years! 🙈

You gotta bring the energy of a hyperactive squirrel jacked up on caffeine and wearing a superhero cape. 

TADA! Again, it might be me right now.

Trust me, when people see your level of excitement, they won't be able to resist joining your cause!

Lastly, recognizing and embracing the humanity in the person you're communicating with fosters trust and deepens the connection between us.

By approaching communication with these three pillars in mind, you can elevate your skills, overcome obstacles, and succeed in your interactions.

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