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The Evolution of Personalized AI: Memory Bank, ChatGPT, Custom Instructions and George b. Thomas

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Personalized AI: Memory Bank, ChatGPT, Custom Instructions

I’ve always been a huge advocate of learning something, executing that thing, and then turning around and teaching it to others!

In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence, achieving genuine personalization is the holy grail, and I've been focused on it after my interviews with Connor Jeffers and Nick Lafakis on our Sidekick Strategies Show.

πŸ”Ž Episode 4: ChatGPT and Coding HubSpot Like a Pro with Connor Jeffers

πŸ”Ž Episode 5: A ChatGPT Guide for Marketers with Nick Lafakis 

So, what have I been educating and executing?

I’ve been combining ChatGPT with Memory Bank and the new ChatGPT Custom Instructions, which presents a pioneering solution for anyone using ChatGPT for their marketing efforts. This trio allows AI to access and recall user-specific data and tailor interactions based on custom directives.

You can learn more about the ChatGPT Custom Instructions and Memory Bank by following the links I provided above. But let’s get into some examples and what happened when I educated and tested this set of tools.

Before we dive in, what does a well-trained AI assistant look like? See below.

A well trained AI

The Triad of Personalized AI: ChatGPT Super Powers

Memory Bank Integration

By seamlessly integrating ChatGPT with Memory Bank, users can feed the AI with specific data, documents, or past interactions. This reservoir of information, stored securely, becomes a foundational base from which ChatGPT can draw insights during conversations.

In my case, I fed it the content from a voice and tone workshop that I did for our brand and the sub-pages of our main blog at Last but not least, I made sure to add the About page of our website. 

The information below will not be surprising if you have been following me for any time. What is surprising is the fact that I have not edited it at all. It is a direct copy and paste from ChatGPT to see how well it has been done.

ChatGPT Questions and responses

My question: Based on what I have saved to Memory Bank, how would you describe George B. Thomas

The answer: Based on the information saved in the Memory Bank, George B. Thomas can be described as follows:

Personal and Professional Background: George B. Thomas loves HubSpot and is often referred to as the Happy, Helpful HubSpot Guy. He deeply cares about the individuals he works with and is passionate about addressing their HubSpot challenges. George is a business owner, father, family man, and a man of faith.

His journey has been diverse, from being a high school dropout to serving in the Navy, working at various agencies, and ultimately discovering his passion for HubSpot.

Throughout his life, he has been influenced by numerous individuals and events that have molded him into the person he is today.

George emphasizes the significance of embracing one's story and reflecting on one's journey to appreciate the progress made.

Approach and Attitude: George is described as a "challenging cheerleader." He often encounters individuals who are stressed, pressured, or uncertain about achieving their goals. In addition to providing unparalleled expertise and implementation, George is there for his people. He challenges, coaches, encourages, and speaks his mind.

He is a firm believer in possibilities and has an innate ability to recognize the potential in everyone he meets. George is unafraid to speak the truth and holds others accountable, just as he holds himself accountable.

He always encourages with positivity, pushing individuals out of their comfort zones. However, he never personalizes differences of opinion, is never needlessly controversial, and always maintains respect. He uses challenges as tools for empowerment rather than weapons.

My Question: What is the writing style of George B. Thomas?

The answer: Based on the information saved in the memory bank, George B. Thomas's writing style can be described as follows:

Confident and Passionate Expertise: George B. Thomas is recognized for his expertise, especially in the HubSpot world. He approaches his content with confidence, stemming from his deep knowledge and experience. However, he also views himself as a lifelong learner, emphasizing expertise and continuous education.

Clarity and Directness: George's writing is clear, concise, and direct. He values straightforward communication, ensuring that his content is easily understandable. This clarity extends not just to word choice but to the overall layout and structure of his content.

Fact-Based and Authentic: George believes in backing up his statements with real facts, data, and quotes whenever possible. This approach not only lends credibility to his content but also showcases his commitment to providing accurate and authentic information.

Simplicity Over Complexity: He avoids long, winding sentences and refrains from using superfluous adjectives or adverbs. Repetition and jargon are also avoided, ensuring his content remains accessible to a wide range of readers.

Respectful Expertise: While George is direct in his communication, he never uses his expertise to belittle or overshadow others. He believes in being direct but always maintains a tone of respect. This balance ensures that his content is authoritative without being condescending.

Emphasis on Getting to the Point: George values brevity and getting to the crux of the matter. He avoids protracted introductions and ensures his content is to the point, making it more engaging and valuable for the reader.

Dang! Boom. πŸ’£

So, why was it able to give such a great response in addition to me adding the information to Memory Bank? The secret sauce, Custom Instruction!

Dynamic Data Retrieval with Custom Instructions

ChatGPT can probe the Memory Bank as dialogues progress, extracting pertinent data based on the user's context or questions. But here's where the magic happens: with the addition of Custom Instructions, users can guide the AI on how to utilize this data, ensuring responses are relevant and presented in a manner the user prefers.

In ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions, you have two boxes. Please see below the questions for the boxes and what I have put in them to get the results I am getting.

The Question: What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses?

My Answer: I'm based out of North Carolina in the United States of America. I am a business owner that helps marketing and sales professionals with HubSpot. I do HubSpot training and implementation. I am interested in HubSpot, sales, content marketing, video marketing, podcasting, design, and development.

I want to be a thought leader in sales and marketing and speak on stage worldwide. I usually create content for marketing, sales, and service professionals with their mindsets, best practices, and tips and tricks to make their life easier, especially if they are HubSpot users. I also speak in a very conversational way.

I like to use metaphors, analogies, and business storytelling when creating content. I also love telling dad jokes, referencing star wars, The Fast and Furious, and Marvel and DC superhero elements. I am very creative and love simplifying the complex for those I help. One of my primary goals is to help humans become 1% better every day. I also love to help businesses grow!

The Question: How would you like ChatGPT to respond?

My Answer: I would like you to explain most things with robust length but simple language. I'd like you to provide the top FAQs and bullet point takeaways for most items we discuss.

I'm always looking for mindsets, best practices, and tips and tricks on the topics we chat about. You should be very conversational and friendly and have a significant goal of helping me as a personal assistant focused on proper grammar, spelling, and editing.

I would like us to chat like two friends who have known each other for years. I want you to respond with the voice and tone of George B. Thomas based on the information we have loaded in Memory Bank.

I want you to feel like a happy, helpful, humble human! Please nerd out with me using references to Star Wars, Marvel, DC, other superheroes, The Fast and Furious, and other pop culture references and dad jokes. Feel free to use metaphors and analogies.

Please ask me follow-up questions. Also, you can give me guided suggestion questions in multiple-choice (A, B, C, D).

πŸ† Honestly, I’m not done yet because I still have about 400 words in each box left to train it to be even more of what I want!

Iterative and Adaptive Learning for Humans and AI

With each interaction, data storage, and custom instruction provided, ChatGPT refines its understanding. This continuous learning ensures that the ChatGPT responses become increasingly nuanced and aligned with my preferences over time.

Hopefully, this article underscores the power of combining Memory Bank, ChatGPT, and Custom Instructions. The convergence of ChatGPT, Memory Bank, and Custom Instructions signals a paradigm shift in AI personalization.

As we stand on the cusp of this new frontier, one thing is clear: the future of AI promises interactions that are not just informed but intimately personal. I can’t wait to work with my ever-growing assistant. Just like the humans I help get 1% better every day, I will also help my AI assistant get better every day.

Are you playing with ChatGPT and other AI tools? If so, let me know. Reach out and start a conversation. I’d love to nerd out together.


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