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A Totally Unforgettable, Unhinged HubHeroes #INBOUND23 Recap (HubHeroes, Ep. 52)


Hey, everybody! It's Liz here, your friendly, neighborhood content strategist and co-host of the HubHeroes podcast. Now, you may be wondering why I'm doing this episode's write-up (instead of George) since the gang is all back now from #INBOUND23. 

Well, I'll tell you why. It's because I'm bitter. I'm bitter about the fact that, instead of hanging out with these jokers at INBOUND a couple weeks ago, I was at home. I was at home, crying into lukewarm leftovers, instead of slaying it β€” HubSpot education-style β€” with more than 10,000 of my nearest and dearest inbound friends in Boston.

It was a fact that was brutally underscored by the three different episodes we did leading up to the event:

(To be honest, those first two INBOUND episodes in that list are TIMELESSLY valuable, so if you're wanting to look ahead to next year, I'd put these bad boys in your queue.)

I mean, I tried to pretend I was there ...

Untitled design (6)But even with my flawless Canva skills β€” which could have fooled even the most seasoned of CIA agents, am I right? β€” I just can't carry on with the charade.

Still, bitterness aside, I think I speak for all of us when I say I was beyond excited to hear from the guys when they got back from #INBOUND23. I was not, however, prepared for the wildly inspiring (and downright chaotic) energy they brought to this INBOUND recap episode. 

Seriously, y'all, I don't care if you went to INBOUND or not this year. This is an unforgettable HubHeroes episode for the ages. To be honest, I'm not sure any other INBOUND recap podcast out there can top it. The takeaways, the stories, the still-unexplained steering wheel Max insisted on using throughout the entire recording ... 


... something tells me maybe this is a question best unanswered.

Anyway, I hope you're ready for the most thrilling HubHeroes ride of your life! You'll never be the same after listening to this episode. I know we aren't. πŸ˜‰

What we cover in this episode

  • What was different about this year that we loved ... or wish were different?
  • Key takeaways and lessons learned.
  • The big HubSpot product announcements that blew our minds, including one super sneaky one that HubSpot slipped in quietly, with no fanfare! But George caught it!
  • The big conversations around AI and (shockingly!) SMS. 
  • Max's great popsicle caper, along with his new friend ... "Tony." (This was an adventure, let me tell you.)
  • Devyn doing his HubHeroes family proud as the emcee of Partner Day (it's back, everybody!), as well as all the work he did with BLACK@INBOUND and his takeover of @hubspotlife on Instagram! 
  • What the guys think folks need to be thinking about and paying more attention to after this year's INBOUND event.
  • What we're hoping to see next year at INBOUND.

Also, don't forget to check out all the resources from George's killer #INBOUND23 talk about sales enablement strategy β€” including his new online sales enablement course, exclusive to the HubHeroes community! 

Extra resources

We also talked about our favorite friend of the HubHeroes pod, Kyle Jepsen ... this video in particular, in addition to his undeniable talent as a HubSpot speaker:

Isn't Kyle the best? 

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