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HubSpot Reporting: a Totally Epic Deep-Dive Into Measuring Inbound Business Success, feat. Jorie Munroe (HubHeroes, Ep. 41)


Even though we've had a conversation already on this podcast about HubSpot reporting not too long ago β€” which you should 100% check out if you haven't already β€” we're back at it again. This time with special guest, HubSpot Inbound Professor Jorie Munroe, because this topic is so stinkin' important.

You see, one of the things that makes HubSpot so freakin' powerful extends far beyond the marketing, sales, and service automation tools it puts at your fingertips. Because it doesn't matter how many workflows, campaigns, blogs, email sequences, deals, or tickets you create within HubSpot.

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If you're not tapping into HubSpot's beyond robust reporting capabilities (with the right mindset), what are you even doing?

Now, to be fair, for the vast majority of you HubSpotters out there listening right now to this podcast, we know you aren't ignoring HubSpot's reporting tools. However, because they can be somewhat overwhelming at first – seriously, the sheer scale of reporting power underneath the Big Orange Sprocket hood, so to speak, is staggering β€” it's all too easy to lose your way in terms of becoming a HubSpot reporting all-star.

But that changes today, right here. Right now. Along with Jorie, we're going to take you on a magical, content marketing ROI illuminating quest down the HubSpot reporting rabbit hole. That's right, folks – welcome to the HubSpot reporting deep-dive of your dreams.

What we cover in this episode

  • What are the must-have mindsets for HubSpot reporting that can make or break a HubSpotter's ability to maximize the reporting tools HubSpot offers?
  • Or heck, even just about the idea of reporting ROI in general, HubSpot aside?
  • What do people get right about the custom report builder, and what do people get wrong about it?
  • What are the coolest custom reports we've seen people create?
  • What is a simple way to understand attribution reporting in HubSpot?
  • What are the most common misconceptions out there about how to use attribution reporting in HubSpot?
  • What are the ways in which you should look at attribution reporting really?
  • What does storytelling have to do with nailing your reporting strategy?

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