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CRIKEY! #INBOUND23 Down Under Roundtable: the Ultimate Guide for International HubSpotters (HubHeroes, Ep. 42)


Yes, it's another episode about HubSpot's totally #INBOUND23 event happening this September in Boston. But this one is extra special.

You see, ever since discovering the Big Orange Sprocket in 2012, HubSpot's annual INBOUND event has played host to some of the most powerful, super impactful memories I've had in my life. A couple cool gals from the Philippines bringing me a gift of an orange ukulele keychain. Another dope guy brought me a prayer charm.

And of course, having real-life, intimately human conversations while sitting in front of a food truck with my man, Moby, who's joining as one of the guests today. It's all about the #memories.

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These moments were only made possible by the fact that, since the beginning, the HubSpot and INBOUND communities have been global. HubSpot itself has committed to creating an ecosystem where communication is facilitated on a global scale, because diversity of opinion is how true innovation is achieved.

And this is something we are committed to upholding as well in the HubHeroes universe. That we are a global community and we serve an audience that spans every corner of the world – except maybe Antarctica, we're still working on making our way in with the penguins.

That's why, today, we're bringing you something REALLY extra special. I've gathered together four of my favorite humans from DOWN UNDER – in case you didn't know, going to Australia is one of my bucket list places ... just sayin!

They include:

I've known each of these incredible humans for years; I've watched them flourish, create, and innovate in their own unique ways in the HubSpot content space. And in this week's episode, we're going to unpack the INBOUND experience for those of you traveling from far and wide (and across international waters!), as HubHeroes GOES DOWN UNDAHHHH!

What we cover in this episode

  • When was the first moment you realized, "Holy crap, INBOUND definitely has to be an annual investment"?
  • Going to INBOUND as an international traveler is a huge investment - your travel expenses are higher, it's more disruptive to your schedule, and so on. Now, I get why you initially thought INBOUND was a yes, but what keeps you coming back year after year?
  • What has attending INBOUND done for your business from an ROI perspective?
  • What is the PERSONAL ROI of attending INBOUND for you?
  • What's changed over the past few years in terms of the value you're getting?
  • Let's take a little side journey here for our agency owners out there – what advice would you give out there to agency owners so they can see the most return on their investment for attending? How can they make the most impact?
    What tips should they share with their employees?
  • How are you guaranteeing you're getting the most ROI for yourself as an individual at INBOUND?
  • Where do you think most business owners go wrong in terms of trying to "get the most ROI" out of inbound – either for themselves or for their teams?

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