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Your Ultimate 2024 Inbound + HubSpot Stop, Start, Keep Showdown (HubHeroes, Ep. 65)


What happens when you put the HubHeroes together for their last recording with the entire gang for all of 2023? Well, it's funny you should ask ... 

hubheroes-3You might say that shenanigans ... 

hubheroes-2... were afoot!

That's right! We're ended the year together with a ton of holiday cheer, and even Christmas-themed AI poem to boot! (To George's point, it had been awhile since we'd allowed our great robot overlords to grace us with some sweet rhymin' styles.)

But we didn't just get together for some virtual egg nog and George's virtual Santa fashion show ... 

hubheroes-1.... although George had quite a selection to share with us! We gathered 'round the HubHeroes fireplace for a rapid-fire overview of our favorite HubSpot and inbound recommendations. More specifically, each of us shared our individual answers to the following questions:

  • What should you stop doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?
  • What should you start doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?
  • What should you keep doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?

It doesn't matter what role you play in your organization, this is a must-listen episode as you start thinking about how you're going to crush your goals in 2024 and beyond.

What We Talked About

  • How we must all end our addiction to boring contact us pages ... and putting "Ops" at the end of everything.

  • How to make the most of the HubSpot Apps Marketplace
  • The importance of investing in content because, yes! Content still matters.
  • You need to stop buying email lists. Please, please, please stop. There is absolutely no reason to be doing this in 2024.
  • The importance of leveling-up your prospecting skills. 
  • Data hygiene needs to be a priority; it's not sexy, but it's powerful! 
  • Do you have a technology problem or do you have a strategy problem? Don't blame HubSpot, when it can only be as smart as what goes into it! 
  • Marketers need to prioritize their relationship with sales. There's so much more you can and should be doing, particularly with another potentially rocky year ahead.
  • You can never stop learning. Ever. Thankfully, HubSpot Academy can help.
  • Finally, we challenged you to embrace video, take down spammers with a taste of their own medicine, and to take a freakin' break. 

And so much more ... 

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