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Absolutely Essential HubSpot Renewal Considerations + Costly Mistakes to Avoid (HubHeroes, Ep. 55)


Ahhhh, Q4 is here, and you know what that means, right? It's budget time! That's right! For a couple of months, now the dull roar of "What will my budget look like in 2024?" has begun to pick up steam amongst marketing and sales teams. Now, it's deafening.

Let's be honest, while we're certainly not walking around with the economic anxiety we had during the pandemic, 2023 has been challenging for tons of industries. In fact, there are more than a few companies out there that are walking a fine line between "surviving" and "thriving." (Through no fault of their own!)

Of course, one of the biggest costs inbound marketing-lovin' businesses such as yours deal with (after salary) is your technology stack β€” and for most of you, HubSpot is most definitely a large chunk of that, especially if you're investing in multiple hubs. 

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That's why we wanted to dedicate an entire episode to talk about what you should be considering when your HubSpot renewal comes up:

  • When should you pull back your investment?
  • What questions should you be asking?
  • When is it the wrong time to reduce your HubSpot footprint?

When times are tough, you can easily fall down the slippery slope of making fear-based decisions about your tech. Because when revenue is down, it's hard to look ahead with a clear view at the future – it's all about SLASHING AND BURNING in the here and now. "We'll figure it out later when things bounce back."

But before you start thinking about HubSpot, and whether or not you're going to make small or large cuts come your next renewal period to stay on budget, we'd encourage you to listen to this episode.

Even if you're not the one making the call at your organization, grab a snack and a backpack, as I like to say! You should be educated about the potential decisions being made about HubSpot, and what you may or may not have access to in future! That's a conversation you should want to be a part of, or be prepared to speak to when asked.

What We Talked About

  • How do you think most folks – good or bad – approach HubSpot renewal time? What are the most common mistakes we're seeing? What do we wish we saw more of?

  • What baseline information should decision-makers be collecting before they make the call on HubSpot renewal choices?

  • Who should HubSpot decision-makers be talking to internally, and what questions should they be asking?

  • What questions should they be prepared to answer?

  • What are the mindsets that are absolutely crucial to making the right call about HubSpot renewals?

  • What is our advice to folks listening who may be feeling the revenue crunch right now and are struggling to make the right choice?

  • What are some of the unexpected consequences you can run into if you get to slash-and-burn-happy with HubSpot?

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