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HubSpot Reporting mindsets, misconceptions, and marvelous disasters! (HubHeroes, Ep. 35)


Someone crazy smart once said, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

That couldn't be more true in the inbound space, when you're using HubSpot. You see, as all of us are spinning around the HubSpot Flywheel β€” attracting, engaging, and delighting customers (new and old) along the way β€” we need to measure how effective our collective marketing, sales, and service efforts are. 

Now, we've talked a bit about measurement before in our content marketing ROI episode. But this week, we want to get more tactical and talk about the tools of reporting at your fingertips in HubSpot β€” no matter what you're measuring.

So, if you're a HubSpot user, and you are in any way responsible for surfacing reporting data β€” or you're expecting others in your organization to do that for you β€” for performance, grab your notebooks and listen up. 

This is the HubSpot reporting primer you've been waiting for! 


  • What has our relationship with HubSpot's reporting been over the years?
  • When we think about the HubSpot reporting ninjas out there in the world, what are the beliefs or mindsets they possess?
  • What's the one thing you think most of the HubSpot reporting users may be missing when leveraging those tools?
  • What are our favorite HubSpot reporting tools and features?
  • What are the most common misconceptions you've seen about HubSpot reporting?
  • What reporting actions should listeners take right now if they haven't already?

And that's only the beginning ... 


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