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HubSpot social media strategy 101 (HubHeroes, Ep. 34)


Ahhhh, social media. We love it, we hate it, we hate to love it, and we love to hate it. Still, it doesn’t matter if you consider it absolutely essential or a necessary evil β€” or maybe you’re somewhere in between, but the algorithms totally get you down β€” social media is an essential component of your inbound strategy

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Social is your gateway to online conversations that can inform your marketing, sales, or service efforts. Social is how you can amplify the content you’re creating. Social is how you can foster and nurture important brand relationships … and that’s only the beginning.

What you also may not realize is how powerful HubSpot is when it comes to what it enables you to do socially β€” because if you think HubSpot is only limited social media scheduling tool, hoo boy, we are about to blow your freakin’ mind. 

This episode is all about how you need to think about social media strategy today, because a lot has changed, as well as how you can use HubSpot to supercharge your brand’s company presence and content distribution strategy.


  • What do most folks get wrong when they think about social media’s role in their inbound strategy?
  • What should HubSpotters and inbounders be thinking about today when it comes to social media?
  • What are the most common misconceptions about the HubSpot social media tool?
  • What are our favorite features of the HubSpot social media tool set?
  • What are the most powerful ways a company can or should start using HubSpot social media tools?
  •  What are our top wishlist items for HubSpot's social media tool suite?

And that's only the beginning ... 


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