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How Has Inbound Changed? with HubSpot's Ultimate Helpful Human, George B. Thomas (HubHeroes, Ep. 70)

I'll be honest, while part of me is devastated that Max and Devyn couldn't join us this week, a selfish part of me is very excited that I was able to corner George for a very specific inbound conversation. Does this sound ominous? Maybe ... but bear with me.

George is a unique individual the inbound space. In fact, Dan Tyre recently told George that he was "INBOUND in human form." For over a decade, he's charted a remarkable course through the inbound industry. He started as the website guy at a small agency in Ohio before discovering HubSpot in 2012, an experience he's talked about previously as being intensely life-changing.

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He also worked closely with Marcus Sheridan of They Ask, You Answer fame at his agency, The Sales Lion. Then he and I had a chance to work together later on at IMPACT before he moved onto Impulse Creative. And now he's the owner of his own HubSpot partner agency β€” something he once told me flat-out he would never do β€” and today he's proud of it.

All during that time, he's also established himself as a selfless educator, having created hundreds, if not thousands of educational videos, articles, podcasts, and more. Also, any B2B marketer worth their salt has likely seen him killing it on stage giving keynotes, educational breakout sessions, and emceeing some huge events in our space, including INBOUND and MarketingProfs B2B Forum.

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He's never slouched when it comes to experimentation with inbound, and he's also been a keen observer of how inbound methodology and HubSpot have evolved over the years from unique vantage points as your career has evolved. Web guy, inbound innovator and educator, sidekick, inbound leader, HubSpot helper, and now HubSpot agency owner who is looking to challenge other agency owners to stop pointing at the agency model as the problem when we have an opportunity to reshape what we do.

So, today, I'm putting George in the HubSpot to tap into his wealth of knowledge, so he can help all of the listeners at home with his big picture perspectives that can shape our inbound decision-making in the coming year. Because, I don't know about you, but I have a hard time charting a course for where I want to go if I don't understand where I am now and how the heck I got here. 

What We Talked About

  • How does George define what inbound really is today?

  • What are the most surprising ways in which inbound and HubSpot have evolved in recent years?

  • What are the most insidious misconceptions about inbound that exist today? Why do they exist? How do we need to shift our mindset around those misconceptions?

  • Over the past decade in working with thousands of companies, business owners, marketers, and sales teams, does George believe that inbound works? Has it lived up to its promises?

  • Why do most inbound programs fail?

  • Is inbound for everyone?

  • Where do you want to see changes in the conversation about the HubSpot agency model? What changes do agency owners need to make?

  • Where would George challenge business leaders across all departments (owners, marketers, sales, service, operations) to push themselves with inbound and HubSpot to see the best results?

  • What big inbound and HubSpot questions will George be wrestling with throughout the remainder of this year?

And so much more ... 

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