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HubHeroes 1st Ever State of the Inbound SEO Union, feat. Franco Valentino (HubHeroes, Ep. 44)


Welcome back to another episode of the HubHeroes podcast! This week .... ohhhh, this is a juicy episode.

Since the dawn of inbound marketing time, SEO (search engine optimization) has cast a wide shadow across the land ... feared by many, understood by few. Is it a verb? Is it something you can check off your to do list? How does one guarantee getting on the first page of Google?

Over the years, the practice of SEO (and how to do it well) has evolved substantially.

  • Keyword stuffing is in.
  • Keyword stuffing is out.
  • It's all about the substance of your content.
  • Just kidding your user experience now matters, too.
  • On page SEO is king!
  • Hold on just a minute, have you heard of schema markup?
  • Marketers control everything about rankings!
  • Just kidding, call your website host provider, their speeds are killing you.
  • Your words are so pretty, they're gonna do great!
  • LOL, nevermind, your developer made the code on your site too bulky and now pages load too slowly for your content to matter.

And on, and on, and on!

So, this week, we're having what we're affectionately calling the HubHeroes State of the SEO in Inbound Union with the one and only Franco Valentino, an SEO Jedi and founder of Narrative SEO and Mekanix. We're going to talk about SEO β€” what's in, what's out, what HubSpot can help you with, and what it can't.

What we cover in this episode

  • When inbound marketers think about SEO today, what are the key mindsets they need to have?
  • What are the OUTDATED mindsets they need to drop?
  • When I put myself in the shoes of a marketer or business owner of a small business, I can imagine feeling crazy overwhelmed by everything I think I'm supposed to understand. So, what do I actually need to understand? What are the basics?
  • How CAN HubSpot help folks with SEO?
  • How CAN'T HubSpot help folks with SEO? Put another way, if I rely on HubSpot to tell me if I'm doing a great job optimizing my site and content for search, what am I missing?
  • What is actually true about what people need to understand about technical SEO?
  • How do you know when you need a developer?
  • Are artificial intelligence and tools like ChatGPT going to ruin everything?

Extra resources

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