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A Very Special Thanksgiving Episode (HubHeroes, Ep. 60)


OK, this is kind of funny. Going into this week, George and I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that we wanted to do a Thanksgiving episode. We scheduled our conversation in advance, we did prep work, we planned out the questions we wanted to answer, etc.

As part of that preparation, I reviewed last year's Thanksgiving episode, and do you want to know what I found? We recorded that special Turkey Day episode entirely under duress. Seriously, if you go back and listen to it, we open the entire episode by talking about how we didn't want to do it. 

Even though George and I have always tried to lead, live, and love from a core of gratitude in every aspect of our lives, at the time, we were firmly in the camp of folks who didn't like a lot of the branded Thanksgiving content out there. A lot of it can come off as cheesy, hollow, or flying in the face of the spirit of the holiday, yadda yadda. 

Basically, we were a bit too cool for gratitude school, which is funny to look back on today with the new perspectives we came to the mics with this year.

In fact, this year, we weren't afraid to call out those "yesteryear" versions of ourselves who waxed poetic about growth and change in 2022.  Because we had no idea what lessons we were about to learn or where life was about to take us. 

What We Talked About

  • How did we feel listening to ourselves in last year's episode?

  • How has our attitude toward gratitude changed over the past year?

  • We spent a lot of time last year talking about what we would tell our MUCH younger selves ... what would we go back and tell ourselves just last year?

  • Who are the humans you're the most grateful for this year?

  • What moments are you the most grateful for this year?

  • And to our friends at HubSpot, what are you most grateful for?

And so much more ... 

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