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What Is Quality Content? The Answer Has Changed, feat. Todd Clouser (HubHeroes, Ep. 53)


One of our favorite things about the inbound ecosystem is probably something that others love ... but also kind of hate at the same time. This wild and wondrous HubSpot universe is always changing rapidly, in terms of what's in and what's out with inbound.

That means the conversations we have about topics like marketing, sales, and content will often still center around us trying to dissect the same questions over and over again. However, as time marches on and innovation continues to move us forward (whether we like it or not), how we answer those very same question often drastically change.

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Let's look at one of the hottest topics in the inbound ecosystem β€” creating content. There are tens if not hundreds of questions that leave many of us bashing our heads into the walls over content. But there are two that come to mind as probably the most hotly debated questions about content over the years:

  • How do you define QUALITY content?
  • What does a great mix of content look like?

We've talked about the anatomy of great content before, as well as the importance of showcasing your humanity in said content, no matter how fancy AI solutions become. But we need to stop for a moment and evaluate how drastically the answers we've had to those questions have changed over the years.

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Last week, Liz had a fascinating conversation with Todd Clouser of Lavender around what it means to build a media engine as a brand, particularly in the B2B space. But the starting point of his framework drills directly into those two very questions about content ... as well as how we should be answering those questions today.

When she reported back to share what we learned, we knew immediately Todd had to be our guide through this epic quality content deep-dive.

What We Talked About

  • How did we used to define quality content when we first started in inbound? 
  • How do we define quality content today? What's changed and why?
  • What are the three categories of content quality every brand must be using to plan and measure what they're producing?
  • Why is it critical to have a diverse range of content types today?
  • Should you be "funny" in your content? When does it make sense? When is it a bad call for your brand?
  • What about organizations that feel stuck in the stone ages, where they drilling into higher quality content with different types of content and media feels out of reach?

  • What are the essential mindsets we must possess today to create quality content?

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