Deep HubSpot Portal Audits That Increase HubSpot ROI

Our HubSpot experts are ready to help you maximize your investment in HubSpot and increase your overall growth potential. From marketing and sales to service and operations — and every Hub in between — we’ve got you covered.

Maximize Your HubSpot ROI with Comprehensive Audits

Maximize Your HubSpot ROI with Comprehensive Audits

At Sidekick Strategies, we leverage the power of HubSpot to fuel your business growth in marketing, sales, service, and operations. Our HubSpot Audit services are designed to optimize every facet of your HubSpot portal, boosting your ROI. Our experts offer customized insights and solutions to enhance your strategies, streamline processes, and improve customer service. We encourage you to harness your HubSpot potential and achieve successful business. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub Audit Services

Our unique, comprehensive HubSpot Marketing Hub audit process is designed to guarantee your critical, strategic inbound marketing infrastructure is built to drive traffic, leads, and sales at peak efficiency.


Content Strategy

We begin by dissecting your content strategy. Our experts will evaluate your content’s style, substance, reach, engagement, and conversion rates, and identify opportunities for improvement in both strategy and execution.


Lead Generation

Next, we focus on your lead generation mechanisms. We will pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your current approach, and identify new ways to capture more leads and nurture them effectively.


Marketing Automation

Automation is how you scale sustainable success. From email workflows to social media scheduling, we ensure all your HubSpot tools perfectly align with your goals, to save you time and increase your impact.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO today is much more complex than it was 10 years ago. Our SEO specialists will evaluate your website and current SEO approaches and provide recommendations so your brand can get found online.


Analytics + Reporting

Your data is power. We dive deep into your performance analytics, offering insights and actionable recommendations. We help you transform reporting into a roadmap for your success.


Future Growth

We don’t just look at where you are today. We take into account where you want to go. We provide tailored advice to ensure that your marketing strategies are more than good — they’re the stuff of legends. 

HubSpot Sales Hub Audit Services

If you need HubSpot Sales Hub audit support, we’re here as your committed partner in revolutionizing your sales processes and technology. We’re passionate about helping you achieve the sales results you want to see today and setting you up for future growth — the sky’s the limit.


CRM Optimization

Your CRM is the backbone of your sales process. From contact management to deal tracking, we will work tirelessly to guarantee your CRM isn't just a tool, but it’s also a powerhouse that drives revenue.


Pipeline Management

Next, we examine your pipeline stages to optimize alignment with your sales cycle. We identify bottlenecks and suggest strategies to streamline sales, ensuring a smooth journey from prospect to customer.


Sales Automation

Automation is your secret weapon as a modern sales team. From lead nurturing to follow-up sequences, we evaluate your Sales Hub to support a sales process that is faster, smarter, and more intuitive for your reps.


Data-Driven Strategy

In the world of sales, data is king. Our experts will examine win/loss ratios, sales cycle lengths, and team performance metrics in HubSpot to increase actionable sales intelligence and smarter decision-making.


Custom Reporting

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it — especially in sales. We will develop custom reports that give you actionable insights into performance, providing you a clear view of your successes and areas for growth.


Increase Sales

Our audit culminates in the development of a bespoke sales success roadmap tailored to your needs and goals. It will include actionable steps to meet the sales goals you have today, and well into the future.

HubSpot Service Hub Audit Services

Are you ready to transform your HubSpot Service Hub investment into a powerful, reliable customer delight generator?

SKS-Ticketing System

Ticketing System

The heart of great customer service is issue resolution. From ticket creation to closure, we ensure your system is streamlined, intuitive for reps, and equipped to handle customer issues with ease and agility.


Customer Feedback

Our audit also includes a thorough analysis of customer feedback channels and satisfaction metrics. We evaluate how you gather, process, and act on feedback, so it becomes a catalyst for continuous improvement.

Service Processes-54

Service Processes

HubSpot is only as smart as your processes. So, we will also evaluate your service workflows for gaps and inefficiencies. This streamlines processes, reduces response times, and improves the customer experience.

Knowledge Base-54

Knowledge Base

Informed customers are happy customers. Happy, informed customers demand less of your support team. As a part of our audit, we’ll review your self-service resources to guarantee they’re user friendly and accessible.


Team Performance

Your customer service team is your frontline. We assess team performance, training, and support structures, to empower your reps with the resources they need to deliver exceptional service every single time.

Service Excellence-54

Service Excellence

Our audit concludes with tailored recommendations designed to elevate your customer service to new heights. We provide practical, actionable insights to fortify your brand reputation and enhance customer loyalty.

Tactical HubSpot Audit Support for All Hubs

Although we most commonly provide HubSpot audit services for HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub, and HubSpot Service Hub, we also offer audits across the entire HubSpot ecosystem.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub Audit

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HubSpot Sales Hub Audit

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HubSpot Service Hub Audit

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HubSpot Operations Hub Audit

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HubSpot CMS Hub Audit

Commerce Hub

HubSpot Commerce Hub Audit

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