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How to connect email sending domain in HubSpot (video tutorial)

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How to connect email sending domain in HubSpot (video tutorial)

Ah, yes! That new HubSpot Marketing Hub smell β€” there's nothing like it, am I right? When you first break into your HubSpot portal, your mind is positively brimming with possibilities around all the content you can create, the workflows you can craft, and (of course!) all of the incredible emails you can send to your audience.

But before you can start sending emails, you need to set up your email sending domain. That's right, you're not ready to sent out a a newsletter out-of-the-box with HubSpot. You've got a few settings you need to tweak first:

email sending domain setup in hubspot

But if the thought of trying to tinker with your complicated email domain settings sends shivers down your spine, don't worry! You're in the right place. 

This less-than-3-minute video tutorial will teach you how crazy simple it is to get going with sending email through HubSpot. You'll learn how to setup your email domain, how to test whether or not you've configured it correctly, and what to do if you encounter any configuration errors. 

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