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Lead Scoring to Focus Sales Efforts

You need to close more of the right deals with the right prospects. With a strategic HubSpot lead scoring model, your sales team will only spend time on the leads who matter most, when it matters most.

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The Last Thing Your Sales Team Can Afford to Do Is Waste Time

Your HubSpot lead scoring should enable your sales reps to focus on the most promising leads, enhancing their efficiency and driving revenue growth. If your HubSpot lead scoring isn't doing that β€” or you don't have a lead scoring strategy at all β€” you're in the right place. At Sidekick Strategies, we don't simply assign scores to lead actions or attributes. We take into account the unique dynamics of your business and your industry to craft a scoring system that aligns with perfectly with your sales goals and customer behaviors.

Why HubSpot Lead Scoring Works

Make it easy for your sales team to reach the humans you were born to serve.

Automated Lead Prioritization

Automate Lead Priority

Your lead acquisition and sales resources are finite. Lead scoring is your lighthouse in the storm, showing you the clearest way forward. It allows you to only focus your efforts on the most promising leads in your CRM. 

Increased Sales Productivity

Increase Sales Productivity

Every sales rep wishes they had a treasure map, with a clear β€œX” to mark the spot of where the most fruitful leads lie! Lead scoring in HubSpot is that treasure map, showing your hungry reps the way to sales treasure!

Data-Driven Intelligence

Data-Driven Intelligence

At a high level, lead scoring will also give your business teams powerful, raw intelligence on customer preferences and behavior, as well as sales cycle trends. This is your scaling roadmap for constant improvement.

HubSpot Lead Scoring, the Sidekick Strategies Way

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Tailored Lead Scoring Strategies with Proven HubSpot Expertise

We’ve tossed every cookie-cutter HubSpot lead scoring strategy out the window. Instead, we rely on a comprehensive, methodical approach β€” born out of decades of collective HubSpot experience β€” that seamlessly blends the nuances of your business with the evolving best practices of inbound.

Explicit HubSpot Lead Scoring Activities

Explicit lead scoring refers to data points a lead tells you directly.

Lead Analysis + Audit

Lead Analysis + Audit

We begin with an in-depth analysis of your current lead data β€” e.g., job titles, industries, company size, and more. We look to develop a clear picture of your ideal leads, what we know about them, and what we need to know.

Industry Differentiation

Industry Differentiation

Different industries have different dynamics, as well as unique indicators of what makes a lead qualified. To account for this, we develop industry-specific scoring criteria to ensure it is relevant and effective.

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Quantifying Potential

Finally, we develop the numerical HubSpot lead scoring formula that measures the identified factors, so the potential of each lead is automatically calculated. That way, leads can be compared and ranked with ease.

Implicit HubSpot Lead Scoring Activities

Implicit lead scoring refers to the qualifying intelligence we infer through user behavior.

Track Digital Footprints

Track Digital Footprints

We closely evaluate the online behavior of your leads, including site visits, content downloads, email opens, click-through rates, and more. This data will give you insights into the interests and engagement levels of each lead.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

How a lead interacts with your site or a piece of content not only indicates interest, but also intent. For example, if a lead is looking at a pricing page or your case studies, they may be close to making a purchasing decision.

Informed Segmentation

Informed Segmentation

You can also segment your leads based on their engagement levels with your content and brand. This will enable your marketing team and sales reps to further customize their targeting and follow-up strategies.

Why Choose Sidekick Strategies?

As a certified HubSpot Agency Partner, our team of inbound experts have decades of collective experience in developing powerful, revenue-driving HubSpot lead scoring strategies for organizations just like yours.


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We possess almost 100 HubSpot certifications (and counting!) among our team members. 



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Make Sales History with Lead Scoring

Are you ready to bring more focus and clarity to your sales efforts? Let’s talk about how we can help you unleash your HubSpot lead-scoring superpowers.


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